Presenter profiling at your virtual event

Whilst your agenda page offers a timeline of all the sessions at your event, your delegates can also view a list of webinars specific to a particular presenter. Clicking the name of any presenter underneath a webinar listing will open up a page that includes any provided contact information, an about section and a list […]

Utilising a user page as an exhibitor stand, meeting room or sponsors page

You can give delegates their own space at your event in the form of their user page – on which you can further offer the functionality to upload videos, create discussion topics, webinars and even include their own private meeting room through which they can direct leads at your event. You can group together your […]

The benefits of a webinar holding page

Upon clicking a webinar, your delegates can either be directed directly to the video conference, or first, to a holding page that unfolds further detail about the session. This could also be an area to include sponsorship messages, videos or logos as well as a place to direct post session Q&A via the comments form. […]

Engagement at your event

Throughout the event portal we’ve included areas for discussion – comment forms on webinar pages, user-submitted discussions and contact forms on any content created by your delegates – be it their user page or a discussion they created. In short, the more involved your delegates get at your event, the more contact forms they’ll have […]

Offering downloads, slide-decks and pre-recorded sessions to your delegates

As our event portal isn’t necessarily bound by your agenda start and end times, you could choose to add recordings of your sessions back onto the resources page once they’ve passed. In this way, your event and all its content can be viewed by those in different time zones or simply unable to attend specific […]

Creating a virtual exhibition, market place or one-to-one meetings section

You can give your delegates their own public presence at your event by giving them the ability to create their own page. The subsequent section of user pages could be called your exhibition, a marketplace, sponsors wall or even a one-to-one meetings area as we’ll go over below. You can also give delegates the ability […]

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