Creating a virtual exhibition, market place or one-to-one meetings section

October 4, 2021 10:30 am

You can give your delegates their own public presence at your event by giving them the ability to create their own page. The subsequent section of user pages could be called your exhibition, a marketplace, sponsors wall or even a one-to-one meetings area as we’ll go over below.

You can also give delegates the ability to create their own discussion topics at your event – each of which would be displayed on the default discussions board as well as within their user page. As a result you’re creating a mechanism for engagement at your event – since the more active they are in contributing to talking points, the more they’ll be seen by other delegates at your event.

Delegates can have their own meeting room, displayed on their user page and managed via their embedded contact form and you could even allow delegates to create their own webinars which would display on their user page, but not in your event agenda. The obvious sticking point here would be ensuring there were no timetable clashes with your event agenda. On the other hand, as this portal isn’t bound by event start and end times you could always invite a day of user webinars once your event days have finished.

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