Recorded session 4

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Utilising a user page as an exhibitor stand, meeting room or sponsors page

You can give delegates their own space at your event in the form of their user page – on which you can further offer the functionality to upload videos, create discussion topics, webinars and even include their own private meeting room through which they can direct leads at your event. You can group together your […]

The benefits of a webinar holding page

Upon clicking a webinar, your delegates can either be directed directly to the video conference, or first, to a holding page that unfolds further detail about the session. This could also be an area to include sponsorship messages, videos or logos as well as a place to direct post session Q&A via the comments form. […]

Engagement at your event

Throughout the event portal we’ve included areas for discussion – comment forms on webinar pages, user-submitted discussions and contact forms on any content created by your delegates – be it their user page or a discussion they created. In short, the more involved your delegates get at your event, the more contact forms they’ll have […]

Your event agenda: search webinars and filter content

Your agenda page is a literal timeline of the webinars and sessions at your event. Whilst they’ll display in chronological order by default, any number of filters can be added according to your preference – from category to keyword as well as a standard search bar that’ll search the title and description of all sessions. […]

The importance of instant chat support for your delegates

Whilst your contact page is very obviously the place to get in touch with you, the event organiser, we also include instant chat support to all of your delegates at all of your events. In the form of trained technicians, your delegates will be served by humans, not bots, who know the intricacies of the […]

Offering downloads, slide-decks and pre-recorded sessions to your delegates

As our event portal isn’t necessarily bound by your agenda start and end times, you could choose to add recordings of your sessions back onto the resources page once they’ve passed. In this way, your event and all its content can be viewed by those in different time zones or simply unable to attend specific […]

Somewhere between a micro social network and a discussions forum…

A Pinboard can be used to encourage engagement, interaction and discussion at your event. Much like a social network, users can post status updates or discussion topics either to instigate a chat or simply to make an announcement. In addition to its headline, a Pin can also contain images and videos – and once published, […]

Creating a virtual exhibition, market place or one-to-one meetings section

You can give your delegates their own public presence at your event by giving them the ability to create their own page. The subsequent section of user pages could be called your exhibition, a marketplace, sponsors wall or even a one-to-one meetings area as we’ll go over below. You can also give delegates the ability […]

Your event landing page: the importance of an impact

Whilst your landing page may only be seen once by each of your delegates, before they start exploring the various sections of your event, the initial impact it’ll have on their overall experience is of utmost importance. Every aspect of your landing page is customisable, from colours to background images, carousels or videos. The entire […]

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