Running polls and real-time Q&A sessions

October 4, 2021 9:45 am

Whilst virtual events give users a front seat at every session, the very nature of not actually being on-site sheds a different light in interaction.

The key difference obviously being the loss of the ability to raise your hand and ask a question – though by no means does this mean a reduced level of audience engagement when it comes to Q&A sessions. In fact on the contrary, many people find it easier to ask a question from the comfort of their desk as opposed to raising their hand in front of hundreds of other people.

As a result, mobile Q&A / polling platforms such as have become a regular feature at corporate events and can be easily integrated into our platform. Polls can be activated by a moderator and will subsequently display in real time, as can questions be hidden, highlighted as well as up/down voted by both the on-site and virtual audiences.